The four pillars of financial security planning

Whether your goals are long-term (such as retirement) or more immediate (such as starting a business or saving for a child’s education), we can help you build a financial strategy tailored towards your needs and those of your family. In developing your financial security plan, we will consider the four pillars of the Freedom 55 Financial planning process:

Financial security at death
When you die, how can you help safeguard your estate for your family? How much income will your family need? How will inflation affect this income?

Would you like to retire early or reduce the time you spend working? When you retire, what type of lifestyle do you envision? How much income will you need to retire comfortably? How will inflation affect this income?

Do you have access to cash or liquid assets (i.e. assets that can be easily converted to cash)?

Disability and critical illness
How would a critical illness or disability affect your income? Would a reduced income affect your retirement savings and would this reduction affect your lifestyle? How much disability or critical illness insurance coverage is enough? If you become critically ill or disabled and take time off work, how will inflation affect your income? If you become critically ill or disabled, will provisions in your group plan allow you to continue saving for your retirement?
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